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Seaway Notices 2001



Mariners are advised that effective October 1, 2001, the SLSMC's Ship Inspection Fees and the fee for the Tie-up service will be increased as per the attached schedule. Major changes are:

SLSMC's Ship Inspection Fee

  • A fee of $300 will be charged for a second and subsequent visit to a ship requiring more than one visit for the same inspection.
  • Mandatory inspection on first transit every 5 years for inland ships not ISO/ISM certified and not carrying out their own inspection.
  • The Fee for Inspections outside the normal area has been increase to $750 per day .

Fee for Tie-up Service at Lock Approach Walls

  • The fee has been increased to $750 per round trip per Region.

New Rates Applicable
Effective October 1, 2001

The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation
Ship Inspection Fee

A - Ocean Ships
- Normal working hours (Weekdays 0815 to 1630 hours) No Charge
- Outside normal working hours:
-First visit
- Second & subsequent visits for same inspection
B - Inland Ships
- Ships that are ISO/ISM certified (Ships carry out their own inspection every 3 years and complete a short inspection form yearly, these are submitted to the Seaway and the Seaway carries out spot audit during normal working hours) No Charge
- Ships not ISO/ISM certified will require a mandatory inspection prior to first transit every five years. If the inspection is outside normal working hours the inspection fee will be charged as follows:
Normal working hours (Weekdays 0815 to 1630 hours)
No Charge
Outside normal working hours
C- Inspection outside the normal area
- The charges for such inspection be based on a per diem rate per day out of the office plus all travel expenses as follows:
- Per day (including travel time) $750
- All expenses at cost

The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation and
the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation

Approach Wall Tie-up Fee

Flat fee for tie-up service for each round trip or part thereof per Region (MLO and Welland) to be increased as follows: $750

September 18, 2001