US flag Asset Renewal Program (ARP)

Starting in 2009, the SLSDC began its Asset Renewal Program (ARP) for its navigation infrastructure and associated facilities and equipment.  The projects and equipment included in the ARP address various needs for the two U.S. Seaway locks, the Seaway International Bridge, maintenance dredging, operational systems, and Corporation facilities and equipment in Massena, N.Y.  None of the ARP investments result in increases to the authorized depth or width of the navigation channel or to the size of the two locks.

Through the first 11 years of ARP funding (FYs 2009-2019), the SLSDC has spent $161 million on 55 separate projects.  These projects included maintenance dredging in the U.S. portion of the Seaway navigation channel, lock miter gate and culvert valve machinery upgrades, culvert valve replacements, hands-free mooring installation at the locks, gatelifter upgrades, miter gate rehabilitation, and the start of the tugboat replacement project, as well as various other structural and equipment repairs and/or replacement.

ARP Reports to the U.S. Congress