Pleasure Craft Reservations

2020 Pleasure Craft Season is Closed.

  • The reservation system is a self-serve system to allow users to reserve a lockage time slot (AM or PM) and pay the pleasure craft tolls for Saint-Lambert Lock, Côte Sainte-Catherine Lock and the Beauharnois Locks.
  • The number of pleasure craft per lockage is limited.
  • To secure a spot, reservations must be made prior to 07:00 a.m. for an AM lockage and prior to 12:00 p.m. for a PM lockage on the day of transit.
  • Pleasure craft lockage times through the South Shore Canal (Saint-Lambert and Côte Sainte-Catherine locks) are scheduled in order to permit passage through both locks in either the AM or PM. (i.e.  Saint-Lambert AM, Côte Sainte-Catherine AM)
  • Pleasure craft lockage times at the Beauharnois Locks are independent of those of the South Shore Canal. Users cannot expect to transit all 4 locks in the AM or all 4 locks in the PM.  Users wishing to transit all 4 locks must schedule one section in the AM and the other in the PM.  (ie.  Saint-Lambert AM, Côte Sainte-Catherine AM, Beauharnois Locks PM)
  • Beauharnois lockage times will be coordinated with the pleasure craft lift schedule for Valleyfield and St. Louis bridges. Pleasure craft operators wishing to transit Beauharnois locks downbound must be ready to pass Valleyfield Bridge at 09:00a.m. for AM lockages and 11:00a.m. for PM lockages.
  • Modifications or cancellations can be made via the reservation system up to 07:00 a.m. (for AM lockages) or 12:00 p.m. (for PM lockages) on the day of transit.

Pleasure Craft Reservation System – User Guide

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