Pleasure Craft Tolls

Canadian Locks

Lockages at Canadian Locks Suspended (further information for the 2020 season will be communicated shortly)

Pleasure Craft Tolls per lock: $30

    • Cash is no longer accepted as payment for tolls at Canadian locks
    • Users may purchase tickets using the automatic ticket dispensers that are installed at both ends of each lock in the Montreal/Lake Ontario section and at either end of the Welland Canal (at Lock 1 and at Lock 8). The dispensers accept only credit cards.
    • Pleasure craft operators who pre-pay the toll using tickets purchased either on PayPal or e-tickets purchased using a cell phone with the Secunik mobile app (via the links provided below) will benefit from a $5 discount on the toll charged per lock.

  • If you are using PayPal, a separate ticket needs to be printed and presented to lock personnel for each transit, as described below.
  • If you are using Secunik, lock staff will validate your “ticket” from a mobile device by identifying your pleasure craft.

For locks in the Montreal/Lake Ontario section, you will require one ticket per lock transit, with the exception of the Beauharnois locks, where a single ticket (at a price equivalent to two locks) is valid for transit of both the lower and upper Beauharnois locks. Present your ticket to the officer in charge at each lock, with the exception of the two Beauharnois locks, where the ticket (valid for both locks) is collected at the lower lock.
For the Welland Canal, a single ticket (at a price equivalent to eight locks) is applicable to the transit of the eight locks, and this ticket will be presented to the lock personnel at Lock 8.

For PayPal disputes, problems with printing or other payment issues, please contact:


Secunik (

  1. Download the mobile app
  2. Search for “SEAWAY”
  3. Our locks are identified as:
    • SLB = Saint-Lambert, QC
    • CSC = Cote-Sainte-Catherine, QC
    • BOH = Beauharnois, QC
    • IRO = Iroquois, ON
    • NIALKS = Welland, ON

The tolls apply only to pleasure craft up to 300 gross registered tonnes. Larger craft are subject to the regular tolls payable under the Seaway Schedule of Tolls which is included in the Seaway Handbook, together with the Seaway Practices and Procedures. The Handbook is available here on our website.


Paypal (

This application is powered by PayPal.

Please click the “Buy Now” button for the lock that you are going to transit. Each transit of a lock (or group of locks) requires a separate purchase (click the “Buy Now” button for each transit). Also, a separate receipt will need to be printed for each transit.

You will be offered an option to pay by credit card without signing up for a PayPal account. However, we encourage you to sign up for a PayPal Personal account (it’s free) if you need to regularly purchase multiple transit passes (this will enable you to avoid having to repeatedly input your credit card information for each transit pass that you purchase).

Payments made in the current year are valid until December 31.

Note that a separate ticket will be required for each transit which needs to be printed and presented to the lock personnel (example).

South Shore Canal
St. Lambert Lock ($25.00 CAD)
Cote St. Catherine Lock ($25.00 CAD)
Beauharnois Canal
Beauharnois Lock 3 & 4 ($50.00 CAD)
Iroquois Canal
Iroquois Lock ($25.00 CAD)
Welland Canal (eight locks)
Welland Locks ($200.00 CAD)

PayPal User Agreement



American Locks

Pleasure Craft Toll per Lock: $30 (cash, U.S. or Canadian funds)

At the American locks in the Montreal/Lake Ontario section, tolls for upbound craft will be collected by the officer in charge at the Bertrand H. Snell lock. Tolls for downbound craft will be collected by the officer in charge at the Dwight D. Eisenhower lock. Every effort should be made to have the exact toll (cash) available. No premium will be allowed for currency exchange rates.

American locks do not accept credit cards nor sell tickets at the locks; however, tickets can be purchased in advance at the website (via the link below).