Incentive Programs

The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation (SLSMC) provides a number of cargo toll incentives. The incentives are listed below with their eligibility guidelines and application forms. Questions regarding the incentives can be emailed to [email protected]. Definitions and further details can be found in the Schedule of Tolls document.

Gateway Incentive Program

The Gateway Incentive Program offers to shippers a percentage reduction negotiated and offered on applicable cargo tolls for shipments of a specific commodity diverted to the Seaway from a competing gateway.

Service Incentive Program

The Service Incentive Program offers a rebate of 20% on applicable cargo tolls for carriers that implement a new service. The objective is to provide incentive for carriers and assist them in developing and implementing a liner or semi-liner service from the Great Lakes ports to other global markets.  This incentive is available to all carriers presently calling the Great Lakes Region and potential service providers who are looking to expand their scheduled services.

New Business Incentive Program

The New Business Incentive Program offers a 20% discount on cargo tolls over the course of three years for commodity / origin / destination combinations approved as “new business.”

Volume Rebate Incentive Program

The Volume Rebate Incentive Program offers a 10% reduction on cargo tolls applicable to incremental volumes meeting a set of criteria.