Tolls Schedule

In accordance with the St. Lawrence Management Corporation’s (SLSMC’s) Business Plan, the St. Lawrence Seaway Schedule of Tolls was modified in 2020 featuring:

  • a toll increase;
  • modified fees and charges for passenger ships;
  • a Gateway Incentive which serves to extend the Seaway’s competitive position;
  • a New Business Incentive Program which offers a 20% discount on cargo tolls for any commodity / origin / destination combinations approved by the SLSMC as being new business;
  • a Volume Rebate Incentive Program, offering a 10% reduction on cargo tolls for the incremental volume increase over the highest volume achieved by a shipper/receiver over the previous 5 years;
  • a Service Incentive Program which offers an additional 20% discount on cargo tolls for new business export cargo for a regular service in the Great Lakes.

The SLSMC announced a toll rate increase of 2.0% for the 2020 navigation season.  In addition, the New Business, Volume, Gateway and Service incentives will continue to remain in effect.

To learn more about the various incentive programs and the savings they offer, please visit the Incentive Programs page.

For more detailed information, please refer to the St. Lawrence Seaway Schedule of Tolls or send your request to

2020 Seaway Tolls

(Cargo and Vessel Tolls in Canadian dollars per metric tonne)

Cargo Tolls MLO Welland
Bulk cargo $1.1671 $0.7966
Grain $0.7171 $0.7966
Coal $0.7171 $0.7966
General Cargo $2.8122 $1.2750
Steel Slab $2.5452 $0.9128
Containerized Cargo $1.1671 $0.7966
Government Aid $0 $0


GRT Charge MLO Welland
Loaded or Ballast Vessels (excluding passenger ships) $0.1126 $0.1801
Passenger ships $0.3378 $0.5403


Minimum Charge MLO Welland
Minimum charge per ship per lock transited for full or partial transit of the Seaway $29.14 $29.14


Lockage Charge (per GRT) MLO Welland
Loaded or Ballast Cargo and Passenger Ships N/A $0.3001
Maximum per vessel N/A $4,197.00
Under the New Business Initiative, for cargo accepted as new business, a percentage rebate on the applicable cargo charges for the approved period 20% 20%
Under the Volume Rebate Initiative, a retroactive percentage rebate on cargo tolls on the incremental volume calculated based on the pre-approved maximum volume 10% 10%
Under the New Service Incentive Program, for New Business cargo moving under an approved new service, an additional percentage refund on applicable cargo tolls above the New Business rebate 20% 20%