Canadian flag SLSMC Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment to Our Customers

The SLSMC recognizes that our customers depend on our safe and reliable system as a cost-effective way to transport their goods. As we look towards a sustainable future, in which the St. Lawrence Seaway will play a key role in the North American transportation network, we must ready ourselves for the challenges ahead. We will do this by optimizing our current system and introducing new technologies that will change our traditional work methods. The focus is on enhancing the Seaway’s strong reliability and productivity, and making Hwy H2O more competitive for current and future cargoes.

Commitment to Our Employees

At the Seaway, employees matter. One of our strategic objectives is to set the stage for employees to succeed. Our goal is for every employee in the Corporation to have the skills and knowledge to contribute positively to fulfilling our mission and achieving our vision. We provide our employees with a motivating work environment and the right tools to grow within the organization. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.

Commitment to the Environment

The SLSMC recognizes that, as stewards of the St. Lawrence Seaway, we operate within a shared resource. Understanding and minimizing the impact of marine transportation on the environment is very important to us. Since we hold the key to the door of the Great Lakes, we are responsible for ensuring that our efforts set the standards in this field. From hybrid and electric vehicles and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to protecting the peregrine falcons that nest on our structures, we aim to be a model for the industry.  Environmental Policy

Commitment to Our Communities

As stewards of the St. Lawrence Seaway, we interact with numerous stakeholders. We recognize the interests of the municipalities that border the Seaway and the thousands of local residents and recreational boaters who enjoy the beauty and nature of our waters. We value open communication with the communities along our waterway in contributing to the understanding of what we do and how we do it.

For practical examples of how we are delivering on these commitments, please consult our Annual reports.