Vessel Drawing Review

The Seaway entities offer, free of charge, a review of ship drawings for new buildings or revisions, encouraging owners to fit vessels to Seaway dimensions during construction.

In addition, the entities provide advice and guidance to developers, shipping companies or agents on modifications necessary to meet requirements for transiting the Seaway.

Since the review services were introduced in 1992, Seaway marine officers have accommodated an average of 100 review requests a year. The free service has been a key factor in attracting ocean freighter and passenger vessel traffic to the Seaway.

Vessel owners/operators must submit three specific ship drawings to either:

Marine Services
The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation
202 Pitt Street
Cornwall, Ontario
Canada K6J 3P7
Tel: 613-932-5170, ext. 3205
Fax: 613-932-5204


Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
180 Andrews Street
Massena, New York
USA 13662

The drawings should include these:

  1. General Arrangement
  2. Lines Plan
  3. Mooring and Anchoring Arrangements, and
  4. Cross Section in Way of the Mast and Superstructure

The drawing package should be marked “Ship Drawings – No Commercial Value” for Customs purposes.

Next, the marine officer closely examines the drawings and prepares recommendations for appropriate fittings that will facilitate your vessel’s Seaway transit. Examples of fitting recommendations are:

  • mooring winches
  • fair leads
  • pedestal rollers, and
  • stern anchors