#11 – Automatic Identification System (AIS)

June 27, 2003

Mariners are advised that the AIS unit must be operational when transiting Seaway waters. The AIS unit must transmit a DGPS signal and gyro heading. It is recommended that the following “Self-Checks” on the Minimum Keyboard Display (MKD) are performed prior to Seaway transit.

  • Check the heading field to ensure that it is valid. If the heading is not indicated, the AIS unit is not transmitting a “gyro” heading as per IMO guidelines for installation.
  • The AIS unit must be connected and transmit position from an external DGPS. Verify on the “GPS source” screen that the source is “External GNSS”, this should change automatically to “External DGNSS” when picking up local radio beacons.

On some systems “External GNSS” is indicated as “Secondary” while “External DGNSS” is indicated as “Primary”. Please consult your AIS operation manual.

Location of Minimum Keyboard Display (MKD)

Mariners are advised that the Minimum Keyboard Display (MKD) shall be located in such a manner that it will be visible day or night from the conning position.