#3 – March 28, 2001 – Reporting Dangerous Cargo

March 28, 2001

Reporting Dangerous Cargo

Mariners are reminded that all vessels carrying dangerous cargo, as defined in Part V of the Seaway Handbook, and all tankers carrying liquid cargo in bulk are required to file a copy of the current load plan prior to transiting any part of the Seaway system.

The following information must be included with the load plan:

  1. Name of cargo, IMO class (if applicable) and number (if applicable). If the cargo is not classed by IMO or UN number, please state ‘not classified’.
  2. Total quantity (metric tonnes) of each commodity and stowage location;
  3. Approximate quantity (metric tonnes or cubic metres) in each hold or tank;
  4. Flashpoint of the cargo, if applicable;
  5. Estimated date of entry into the St. Lawrence Seaway system, and date and time load plan was issued or last amended.

Tankers, in ballast, which are not gas free where the previous cargo had a flashpoint below 61o C, are considered hazardous cargo vessels. In the case of tankers, the above information must be detailed on a plan showing the general layout of the tanks. A midship cross-section showing double bottom tanks and ballast side tanks, if fitted, must also be provided.

If a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on a specified hazardous cargo is not available in a Seaway Traffic Control Centre, then the vessel will be requested to provide one.

The load plan needs to be submitted to the nearest Seaway Traffic Control Centre from which it will be distributed to all other Seaway Centres. Changes in stowage, including loading and discharging during transit, will require the submission of an updated plan prior to departing ports between St. Lambert and Long Point.

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in unnecessary delays or transit refusal. The load plan and other information can be transmitted via fax, twenty-four (24) hours a day, to any of the following numbers.

St. Lambert, Quebec (450) 672-3668
Massena, N.Y. (315) 764-1886
St. Catharines, Ontario (905) 641-4632

Le 28 mars 2001