Cost Sharing For Automatic Identification System – Extension

February 20, 2002

*** EXTENSION TO JUNE 30, 2002 ***

Agreement had been reached in 2000 with the Canadian Shipowners Association and The Shipping Federation of Canada to share the cost of the implementation of an IMO compliant Automatic Identification System (AIS) within the Seaway.

Due to low traffic levels in 2001, the amount collected to date is $132,000 short of the agreed cost sharing formula. Therefore the following charges will remain in place until June 30, 2002. No further extension to this date will be imposed.

The total cost of the implementation of the AIS is shared equally between the Seaway entities and the shipowners. The shipowners’ contribution is $0.006 Cdn per gross registered tonne (GRT) and applies for each of the following four segments of Seaway transit:

  1. Upbound Montreal/Lake Ontario Section
  2. Downbound Montreal/Lake Ontario Section
  3. Upbound Welland Canal
  4. Downbound Welland Canal

This mandatory contribution which started May 1, 2000 has been extended to June 30, 2002.

All ships are required to pay this levy even if they are not equipped with AIS. The maximum annual contribution per ship is $5,000 Cdn.

The System will be operational in July 2002, and the Seaway entities will make the carriage of AIS within their waters mandatory for the 2003 navigation season.


Due to lower than expected ocean traffic during 2001 navigation season, the amount collected to date is $14,000 short of the agreed contribution. Collection will continue until June 30, 2002 at a reduced amount as shown below.

As per the agreement reached with The Shipping Federation of Canada to recover the Ocean Trade’s share of the above mentioned study ($100,000), the amount collected for AIS is increased from $0.006 per GRT to $0.0076 per GRT, starting on March 26 for the 2002 navigation season. During the 2001 navigation season, the rate was $0.0092 per GRT.