New E-business Applications Now Available

June 28, 2002

New E-business Applications Now Available

We are pleased to report that our new e-business applications are now available for use on the binational Seaway Web site ( There is a Cost Calculator, a Cargo Matching application, Vessel Transit Information, and Online Account Information – four tools to help you retain and improve upon your bottom-line profits.

As our attached joint press advisory points out, the two Seaway corporations are dedicated to improving the quality and timeliness of information we provide to the many maritime professionals who visit our Web site every day. We know speedy answers can be critical to business success.

  • Cost Calculator – a means of getting detailed Seaway transit cost estimates, incorporating Seaway tolls, pilotage fees, and U.S. and Canadian regulatory fees;
  • Cargo Matching – an application that provides agents, owners, operators and managers with an ideal forum to advertise and locate available vessels and cargoes.
  • Vessel Transit Information – provides key information to authorized individuals updated every 15 minutes, on the status of a vessel’s transit, cargo, ETA to next destination, etc.
  • Online Account Information – free to qualified applicants such as ship owners and agents who pay Seaway tolls, this application provides access to invoice and credit information, and enables the online submission of pre-clearance applications and transit declarations.

You can subscribe to all of the above applications for a special package price of a $1,000 (Cdn.), or you may elect to subscribe to individual applications priced at $300 (Cdn.) each for Cargo Matching and Cost Calculator and $600 for Vessel Transit Information.

The time-honored phrase ‘information is power’ has never been truer than it is today. For more information, contact our E-business Administrator at (613) 932-5170, ext. 3785 or visit the Web site at and view the application form, which you may access via the “Login” link on our home page.