Seaway Web Site Undergoes Complete Overhaul

February 19, 2008

Cornwall, Ontario (February 19, 2008) – The Canadian St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation and the U.S. Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation are pleased to announce the launch of the revised web site. Reflecting the comments and suggestions received from clients and stakeholders, the revised site provides an effective means of conveying the Seaway’s integral role in serving Canadian-U.S. transportation needs and promoting the marine mode of transportation.

The web site was originally launched seven years ago today (02/19/01) by the two Seaway entities and since that time has recorded nearly 12 million page hits from viewers in more than 150 countries.  Having undergone a complete overhaul, the bilingual content is now divided according to the interests of each user group frequenting the site.  A clear delineation exists between information pertinent to commercial navigation of the system vs. recreational navigation of the system.  Special sections also exist to meet the needs of business and industry, students and educators, communities bordering the Seaway, and the media.

The always popular Seaway map has been completely redesigned, employing Google Maps™ technology.  Users can now view a map of the system, and toggle on / off various map layers.  These layers consist of vessels navigating the system, ports within the system, and Seaway locks.  The Google Maps™ interface allows viewers to effortlessly zoom in and out of map views, and a series of tabs along the top of the map provides instant access to the most popular regions within the system.

The contributions made by the Seaway and the marine mode of transportation within the North American economy are evident throughout the site.  Environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility are themes permeating each section, reflecting the commitments and values of the site’s Canadian and U.S. sponsors.

Google™ technology also powers the site’s search function.  Users are able to query the site and receive a precise summary of the relevant pages, facilitating their research efforts.

Please visit the revised today to experience for yourself the site’s new architecture and functionality.