St. Lawrence Seaway Wharfage and Storage Charges

April 15, 2011

The St. Lawrence Seaway Schedule of Charges on Goods or Cargo Landed, Shipped, Transshipped or Stored, known as the St. Lawrence Seaway Wharfage and Storage Charges was revised for the 2011 navigation season.

There is no general annual increase in the revised tariff.  However, in order to better align the use of Seaway’s structures and facilities with the industry and practices of the trade, the 48 hours no charge rule is removed for ships engaged in commercial activities (cargo loading/unloading) and dropped to 24 hours in other cases.

The 2011 Tariff was filed with the Canadian Transportation Agency on December 23, 2010.  For administrative purposes, it will be effective May 1st, 2011.

The revised Tariff is available on our Web site here.

Also note that the Corporation recently modified its definition of containerized cargo in both its Tariff of Tolls and Wharfage and Storage Charges to better reflect the current variety of container types and sizes.  The new definition is now included in the tariffs on our web site.